The Acre At 920

Frequently Asked Questions

How long can we stay/have the venue?

Times will vary according to your package/your reserved time. Party and Music stops at 11 PM. Clean up and Tear down is 1 hour. We require all guests and vendors packed up and lights out no later than 12: 00 AM.

Once I reserve the date, does that hold the date of my event?

NO. Unfortunately, we are unable to hold any dates without a signed contract and paid deposit.

Do you allow alcohol and smoking in your venue?

YES. Right now our venue is BYOB. However, all events serving alcohol are required to have a TABC licensed bartender or bartending company and a police officer on site per 100 guests. We will be happy to assist you in reaching to local off-duty police officers. Police officer(s) must be present from the time the bar opens or the first drink is served, until the end of your rental time.  Smoking is ONLY allowed in the parking area.

Do you have any decorating restrictions?

We do not allow staples, nails, screws, tapes, decals, command hooks, etc. to be placed on the interior walls especially on the ACCENT WALL. Confetti, Glitter, Colored paper shreds, Rice, Seeds are NOT allowed. Candles are allowed ONLY if the flame is enclosed in a container.

Can we use sparklers?

YES. Sparklers are allowed as long as it is used outside and away from the building – back lawn or front driveway. We can provide a sand/water bucket for disposal.

Are there any extra fees?

We do not charge taxes and cleaning fees but we charge 10% gratuity fee. We just ask guests and vendors to take down what you put up and take all the trash out of the building after your event.